Arulmigu Arthanareeswarar Temple-History

History of Mountain

            Long ago Adiseshan and Vayudevan fought very often among themselves to prove their powers. Because of their fight many disasters took place.Sages gave an idea to both to show their powerfulness. Accordingly Adisesha has to press and cover Mout. Meru with his hood and Vayu has to relase the pressure by his valour. But Vayu couldn't do so. In anger instead of blowing the air, he ceased the air.All the living beings fainted in want of air. Sages and Celestials requested Adisesha to relase his hold. Vayu forcefully, that the top of the mountain with the head of Adisesha were thrown into earth on three places with flesh and blood. One is Thiruvannamalai,the next Srilanka and the other is Nagamalai in Thiruchengode.

About the Mountain

            Since the sanctum of Gajamukha Pillayar is locared at the southern and and that of Arumuga Swami is at the north end,the first step toward the temple is located at the left side of the hill.And this place is called as Malaiyadivaram.

            To the south of the first step is Vinayakarand on the north is Arumugar. Thaili Mandapam is very near to the first step. On the west of it lies the gigantic Nandhi in 7 feet lenght and 4 feet height. It looks at the Raja Gopuram, Upto this past the mountain is called Nandhi Malai. This is called as Basavan Temple. The part of the mountain above this is called as Naga Hills. And there we can see the sculpture of a Five Headed Adiseshan.

Nagar pallam

            NandhiMalai and NagaMalai is split by a small valley called Nagar pallam. Nagarpallam is the first and foremost past of the huge mountainNagamalai. On either sides of the steps one can see a huge Snake with 5 heads spreading its hood carrying the father of the world as Sivalingam. Over the head of the Snake it is believed that rivers Gange, Yamuna and Saraswathiflow as holy water. People worship this carved stone Snake with Kumkum and camphre. They also make Pongal for the same.

Arubadham Padi / Sathya Vakku Padi

            Beyond this point after crossing some Mandapas, one has to cross special steps called Arubadam Padi (60 steps) or Sathya Vakku Padi(steps of truth) by the saint ArunagiriNadhar. And among the 1200 steps these 60 steps are considered to be the most important ones. The 60 steps of Sathya Padi is of same order and so there footsteps stands as a good example for the architectural excellence of Tamilians.

            In Olden days there 60 steps were used by the people to solve, unsolvable cases and to know the reality in cases relating credids and bargains. The respective men are told to promise their statements on the 60th step and it is belived that the people will only say the truth while standing on the 60th step. It is said that even the Supreme Court at chennai has accepted the statements that were declared by the people, staneding on the 60th step.

Sthala Vruksham

            Then follows many mandapams and beyond them the thing that comes to our sight in the temple of the Majestic Ingara Pillayar facing towards the north. Following one could visualise the majestic sky scrapping RajaGopura. This is the Historical Raya Tower[Raja Gopuram] and it is true that the age of this tower is above Four hundered and thirty two years. The sculptures with intrinsic designs inside this temple stands as the best example foe its sculptural beauty. The main door in 16 feet talks to us about the various myths as sculptures. Eluppai Tree stands as the Sthala Vruksham the tree of the temple on the north side.